Developed by a Taiwanese team using Unreal Engine 4, PAGUI is a third-person action adventure game that combines many aspects of Taiwanese traditional folk culture and religions.

Inspired by a true story
In 1947, the Febuary 28 Incident took place, and it was a time of turmoil and chaos in Taiwan. Seven years later in 1954, an orphan boy taken in and raised by the temple keeper overheard about his family one night by chance, and decided to sneak out of the temple that night to find out more about his parents, and therefore a wonderous and adventurous journey began.

The inspiration of the game came to the PAGUI team by chance during a field trip to a temple. The keeper there told the team of the story of a long-passed elder, and the story deeply touched the hearts of the team that they felt like they were destined to bring to the world about the story, as well as to share with the world about the many cultures of Taiwan.
In addition to the elder’s story, the team was also deeply intrigued by a temple performance that they once saw at another temple, as well as their past visit to the infamous Min Xiong Haunted House in Chiayi, Taiwan. Therefore, the team decided to create a game that comprises all of those elements, and hence the game PAGUI was born.
Using 3D technology, the PAGUI team recreated how the elder looked when he was a boy, and also reconstructed the historical architecture and environment of early Taiwan.

On October 5, 2019, the story version will be released first. In the beginning of 2020, the PVP combat version will be available.

•3D Action Adventure RPG , with horror atmosphere alone with a unforgettable plot base on the true story event.
•All Exorcism tools practiced in the PAGUI are based on deep study and research with Local Temples and cultural experts.
•Developer Team recreated the Taiwan’s top rated Haunted Mansion (Min Xiong Ghost House ) through 3D technology , and restore the early 50’s Taiwan culture and building style.
•Original Sound Track with fusion of EDM , Lo-Fi and Rock , and mixture of orchestra Taiwanese folk instruments
•3D restores the early days of Taiwan, and the strong vision makes you more integrated into the world of ghosts.
•Supports both English and TC (Tradition Chinese)
•Supports Windows OS